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15 ans years in 3D visual communication

Industrials, architects, projets leaders, franchisers, cultural locations, tourists or leisures locations, boost your communication with our artists et engineers!

3D Creation and production

All our knowledge and experiences in 3D to boost your visual communication

Transmedia Applications

Tell your story, your processes, your products, on any kind of interactive media

Serious games

Give and Share information differently, using all the last techniques usually found in video games industry

Communication R&D

Find new methods, technical approaches, software and hardware so that we can propose always "top of the list" innovative solutions

3D Services

Our different experiences in Computer Generated 3D pictures allow us to propose you numerous recognized services to enable projects, processes and products visualisation in a very short time

3D Modelisation

From your drawings, floorplans, CAD Files, Model sheets, concepts or ideas, our artists can model any surface or volume, wether subject is mechanical, structural or organic.

Animation & Motion design

Our animation tools enable us to present or simulate your concepts, products or ideas in the best way.

3D scan

Our laser or photogrammetric devices grant us to scan your volumes, surfaces directly on locations, and with colored textures! Then, we give you back scanned models in all desired 3D formats, ()even CAD models).

Virtual Studio

Photorealistic renderings or illustrations, we master all aspects of your 3D scene : lights, textures, colors, materials, backgrounds and cameras. All is done to value your concepts or ideas."

3D Relief

Bring a new dimension to your communication with relief supports, with or without any glasses !

Training and expertise

Our communication and 3D expertise just for you! Please contact us for any help or advices!

"Serious Games"... Seriously?

The aim of a serious game is to invite the user to interact with a computer program which combines some communication, information, learning or entertainment aspects, with some gaming tricks or automatism coming from video games industry. These applications can take many forms :

Who has never dreamed to teleport and visit a site, a place or a building, exploring every hidden recess? Because you need sometimes much more than a simple brochure or movie to convince future investors or customers, we suggest you immersing them directly in their future environment. They can then project themselves and "feel" the place, with a complete freedom. They can travel everywhere in real time, customize objects or places to their wills, and take away all the key informations on which you wish to communicate.
Our 2D / 3D configurators are completely flexible with regard to your products and to your commercial or industrial problems.
At the heart of your marketing strategy, the configurator allows your company to set up a playful interface and to configure your products with your customers and prospects.
In the sales cycle, it favors your customer's implication and accelerates the decision-making. It is also an excellent sales support tool for your collaborators in stores or on professional travels.
Game is a major tool, at the same time factor of motivation, meaningful and allowing the user to be active and the actor of its learnings. Furthermore, it is a powerful vector of communication, easing exchanges and interactions between users. We can work with you on the implementation of your training and information tools, internal or external, by emphasizing the playful aspect of learning and knowledges transmission .
The mutliplication of screens allows new approaches concerning the broadcasting) of medias. We work on the implementation of innovative solutions exploiting the possibility for users to live a totally different experience, according to the used visual support, while preserving the same universe between all these support. Played simultaneously by several players, these experiences can be complementary and grant new forms of interactions between users.
Here, we're allowing a user to become familiar with a set of notions or ideas, events, periods, places or characters. To do it, we propose narrative mediaswhich allow your users to dive into the skin of an entity and to develop it according to the events which will occure in this experience (dialogues, riddles, interactions,...).

Hall of Frames

Please find below some examples of precedent works for our customers. Keep in mind that all the picture on this website are fully virtual.


Valuation of an interior


Valuation of an interior


3D Color scan


Interior design layout


Valuation of technical products - Realtime project


Valuation of products and services


Industrial machines animations


Virtual reconstruction of destroyed buildings - Realtime


Design product


Photorealistic view of a living room


Medias Labs

Constantly in technological watch, we always keep an eye on innovative technologies which may set you apart from your competitors. Certain peripherals may become obsolete in a few months, whereas others will join durably our ecosystem. Nevertheless we always make a point of honor to know how to adapt our contents on all these medias or supports to propose you the best visual innovations according to your needs.

Virtual reality elmets


Dive and immerse into all your virtual projects

Augmented reality glasses


Stack your contents on reality!

3D autostereoscopic screens


Virtual display at your service. Make your products go out of the screen.

Gesture Control


Control pictures and medias with any part of your body

Optical Theater


Holograms power to catch the eyes !

Who's next?


We experiment and study many new devices in our labs. To be continued!

Your future pictures, our present!

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